“The concern to solve a problem” “Understanding the user and the scenario” “Arriving at Design Insights”
Police using the stick as support Existing Police stick Police on bandobas duty
The problem was identified by Joint Commissioner of Police Mumbai, Mr. Sadanand Date that long hours of standing caused policemen to use their sticks as support, but they are uncomfortable . Its our moral responsibility to find a solution. Different types of sticks are supplied from different manufacturers.Complete change in design of the stick will take a long time due to various procedures of tenders and procurement. Should be an add on device as all police men do no need it.
Should be easy to fix on the existing stick.
Should be of durable material.

“The blueprint for design, a clear plan of action”

.Should be able to provide adequate support for comfortable semi standing position for atleast one hour.
.Should fit all types of sticks with policemen.
The cost should not be more than Rs. 100/-
.Should be made of a durable material and last atleast 5 years.

“Creating multiple ideas and combining them to general concepts”

A detachable, multifunctional and lightweight attachment is provided at the top of the stick with wider surfacearea to rest. It can be fixed to the stick whenever needed. Material used is neoprene rubber which is long lasting and tough.

“Making mock-ups, functional prototypes and pilot production”

“User Testing and Feedback”

When the user testing was performed, the users felt it was comfortable to take support while standing.

Mockup to understand the shape and size of the seat.
The prototype sample is designed to fit all types of sticks by change of the insert in the mould to make the cavity small or large.
Quick working prototype made from the handle of the chair to test the concept. The final prototype moulded in Neoprene with an add on bottom leg for road grip. Different ways of use to provide support
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